Friday, January 15, 2016

Bike Lab ride to Eagle Rock Brewery — Sunday, January 17 @ 1 pm

Here at the Caltech Bike Lab, we have a bit of a yin/yang relationship with cycling: it's either a convenient, cost-effective mode of urban transportation or a means to borderline-insane feats of endurance. Jeffery Tanenhaus, who is biking across the United States on a New York City "Citi Bike," embodies the tension between these two ways to ride.

Jeffery's become a minor cultural phenomenon, with everyone from The Guardian to LAist having their go at him — is he some new-age Forrest Gump, or a monster bent on inconveniencing bike-share riders? (Incidentally, this isn't the first time a Big Apple resident has liberated a crucial piece of transit infrastructure to warmer climes.)

In a few days, our hero is visiting the Pacific to wrap up his escape from New York — and he's paying us a visit in Pasadena this weekend! To celebrate this unusual journey, the Bike Lab will accompany Jeffery on his way to Glendale, ending up at Eagle Rock Brewery for beers and afternoon munchables with the man himself. All are welcome to join!

Between some of LA's most buzzed-about brews and the food trucks outside, it's hard to imagine a better use of pedal-power. The ride there is about 8 miles and mostly flat (with bike lanes), and there is an option to shorten the return via the Gold Line. We'll be going slowly (Jeffery's bike weighs like 50 pounds), so no worries if you're not an experienced rider.

Meet at the Caltech Bike Lab at 12pm on Sunday, January 17; we'll leave at 12:15 and return around 4pm. Bring a working bike, a helmet, a lock, and an ID proving that you are at least 21. If you are employee/student of Caltech/JPL, the food is on our tab, but bring some cash to pay for your beer. Hope to see you there!