Shop Info / Location

Approximate Address:
1343 East California Boulevard, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA (Google Maps)
Latitude : 34.136026901597816
Longitude: -118.12680463488766

A few pictures for the more visual approach to the bike lab.

See our Office Hours Schedule on the left or the google calendar for times when a volunteer is planning to be around

We DO NOT have bikes for sale (we only do repair & have basic repair supplies in stock). If you are looking for a cheap bike, read this.

All shop users should sign in on the clipboard
Donations/payments should go in the black box behind

Please return all tools to their proper locations when you're done.

Patches are always free (bottom drawer in the stack).
Help yourself to nuts, bolts and screws.
We stock brake & shifter cables and housing (Please see prices)

Please keep the floor clear and the shop organized and clean!

Automatic air pump for filling tires

Stand for truing bicycle wheels 

We sometimes stock tubes of different sizes and stem types
Tubes cost $5 
Or try Pasadena Cyclery for a local alternative and a 10% Caltech discount and we will help you install it.