About Us

Current Positions

President: Kevin Vu
Vice President: 
Treasurer (Grants, Funding): Zachary Erickson
Secretary (Hours/Announcements, Outreach)

Shop Upkeep/Inventory: Pablo Guerrero
Class Coordinator:
Rides Coordinator: 
Staff Advisor: Leon Mualem


Once upon a time, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Eventually they died and turned into oil - which humanity has decided to refine, burn, crack (thank you free-radical chemistry), and otherwise form into interesting monomers and polymers. Some humans decided these petroleum products should be used for lubricating their chains and bottom brackets; which has (among many other causes) ultimately led to the formation of the Bike Lab.

People who have run the Bike Lab/Velo club

2013-2014: Daven Quinn & Margaret Ho
2012-2013: Jeff Prancevic
2010-2013: Paul Anzel
2009(?)-2010: Jon Weissman
2006-2009(?): John McKeen
2005-2006: Pierre Moreels
2004-2005(?): Michael Johnson
2003-2004(?): David Anderson