Friday, October 9, 2015

Bikelab Meeting on October 15th, 2015!

You'd probably be about 5% cooler if you worked in a bike shop. And now's your chance, risk free!

Bike Lab managers and members are meeting this coming Thursday (October 15) at 6 PM, at our shop on California. Here's a map of our location on campus.

We'll be discussing our plans for the next few months, including
  • Keeping a full schedule of office hours
  • Planning upcoming group rides (e.g. Tour de Pasadena, brewery rides)
  • Shop maintenance and supplies
  • Outreach and bike repair classes
Anyone is welcome to join – we'll have things to do whether you're new to bikes (people often start out shadowing others at office hours) or an experienced tinkerer. We've also got group rides and outreach events to plan and lead. Come give us a hand, and spread the word!

We'll have pizza and salad and beer/drinks provided. Hope to see you there!