Sunday, July 24, 2011

Geffen museum ride

Hi all,

It's occurred to me that I'm being deficient in my LA-urbanism, as I have yet to see the street art exhibit at the MOCA Geffen center ( To remedy this sad fact I've decided to drop by the museum this Saturday (7/30). This gives me an excuse to ride my bike downtown again and, since it's generally more fun to go with people, I'm pushing this invitation to the Caltech bike community at large.

The plan is this: Depart from the BikeLab at 10-ish on Saturday. I'm going to try a slightly modified route from my usual downtown ride, but it should still be pretty relaxed. Along the way we'll make a few detours to assorted points of interest in Highland Park and Lincoln Heights. The Geffen is right in Little Tokyo, so we can figure out lunch when we get there. At some point I'll decide it's a good time to head back and anyone who wants to join me for a ride back can do so (it'll be a bit spicier), but the Little Tokyo metro station is right there so you can depart whenever you see fit.

Please bring money for the Geffen ($10 general, $5 student) and lunch. Also, please bring a spare tube if you have one.