Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BikeLab/Velo Club GUSH on Friday

The Caltech BikeLab and Velo Club are hosting the July GUSH party, and you're invited! Come by and meet your fellow bike dorks, roadies, mountain bikers, weekend warriors, cyclocommuters, Ridazz, occasional riders, and people who hate bikes but love to get beer on Friday. This party is this Friday (the 15th) at 6:30 in the evening, at the Caltech North Catalina recreation room (see directions at the bottom of this e-mail).

We will be doing a lesson on how to change a flat and oil your chain--which, as we all know, is best learnt with a drink in your hand--and be handing out free patch kits and cycling maps. Beyond that, who knows? Maybe we'll teach you how to crash properly or watch some Tour de France. Maybe we'll have a dance party to Kraftwerk's "Tour de France". Life is full of mystery; all I can say is there will be drinks and snacks, which is more than you can expect from most of life.

Note that while GUSH may stand for Graduate Underground Social Hour, anyone at Caltech and JPL is welcome to come by. This event is similarly being held on a slightly raised patio and will probably last for hours plural but, lest you get completely discouraged, it should nonetheless still be social.

Since some of us bike to be sustainable (or at least that's what we tell ourselves to feel better) let's not undo any environmental karma with this event. Please bring reusable cups and dishes if at all possible.

For those not familiar with the Catalina Apartments, go to the Caltech map (http://cit.s3.amazonaws.co​m/map/Caltech-map-20110428​CO.pdf). It's at the phone in section 2A.

This event is sponsored with the generous support of the GSC.