Monday, June 17, 2013

We want better East-West bike routes on Cordova Ave, Green Ave, Union, Del Mar Ave

Far from being a rare activity, the city of Pasadena has large pedestrian and bicyclist population. Almost 20% of Caltech faculty and students ride their bike to work (51% of Caltech students and 30% of faculty walk to work). In addition, many students at PCC also bike. The City of Pasadena needs to step up its efforts to ensure pedestrian and bicyclist safety in the city.

Phillip O'Neill, aged 25 years old, was killed when a car hit him while he and a friend were riding their bikes on Del Mar Blvd between Wilson Ave and Michigan Ave on Saturday, June 15, 2013.

He could have been any one of us. A ghost bike has been placed in his memory on Del Mar Blvd.

The ghost bike on Del Mar Blvd
(Picture thanks to Boyonabike. Read his coverage of the crash and the bicycle issues surrounding it in Pasadena)

Join us in asking the city of Pasadena to finally address pedestrian and bicyclist safety in the city. 

Caltech Bike Lab has asked for better east west bike routes in Pasadena in the petition we started last year that is still taking signatures. So far we have not gotten a formal response from Pasadena City Council.

Black indicates existing bike lane on Cordova. Red shows where we want the city of Pasadena to consider implementing bike lane infrastructure (click to enlarge)

In this petition with 700+ signatures and counting, we are asking the City of Pasadena to extend bike lanes on Cordova Ave west of Lake Ave and to consider installing bike lanes on the very wide one-way streets Green St and Union St. In addition, we ask Pasadena to consider creating a separated bike lane on Del Mar Ave to improve the use of this route for cyclists. These improvements will create an east-west bike corridor and help make streets safer for everyone - cyclists, pedestrians, and cars alike.

If you haven't yet, we ask that you please sign our petition to support this issue.

We will be highlighting pedestrian and bicyclist safety issues at the July 15 City Council/Public Safety Meeting in Pasadena. We are working with other pedestrian, bike organizations and neighborhood councils in the area. If you can come to the meeting and help us support this issue, please email us at bikeshop AT or tweet/DM us your email at @caltechbikelab and we will be in touch.
July 15 meeting is cancelled -- the Pasadena Bike Plan is getting overhauled to make significant improvements (see latest post)

If you live or work in Pasadena we urge you to write to your district's city councilperson to highlight the issue.