Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Saturday June 8, 2013 -- Learn to Ride Safely on the Road with CICLE

Don't ride on the sidewalk! (it's safer and faster to ride on the road). Learn how to be a smart cyclist and ride your bike safely in the road.

Learn how to:  

  • Take back the road
  • Be alert and safe
  • Know your rights as a cyclist
  • Make the best use of your bike!
Our next class is:
  Sat June 8, 2013  11 am - 12:30pm
This is our last class before the summer break! 

Where: Caltech Y: 505 S. Wilson Ave, Pasadena CA   

What to Bring: Your bicycle, in good running order and a helmet.

Price: FREE!
This class is subsidized by Caltech Transportation on behalf of Caltech Bike Lab

Please RSVP with the class date to bike@cicle.org. Space is limited, but the public is welcome!