Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Caltech Bike Week Blitz from May 13-17!

Bike Week is coming up on May 13-17. Here at Caltech, we are going to be doing a Bike Week Blitz. These are special outdoor office hours for Bike Week during lunchtime Monday through Friday outside Chandler Cafe. The week's schedule will be:

* Mon 12-1 PM Paul
* Tue 12-1 PM Laura
* Wed 12-1 PM Ari
* Thu 12-1:30 PM Jeff and Luca
* Fri 12-1:30 PM Leon and Margie

*these outdoor office hours will be held outside Chandler Cafe

We will still have evening office hours at the shop for more complex repairs:
Tue 5-7 PM Daven & Jeff at BikeLab
Thu 6-7 PM Eric at Bike Lab

Bring your bike in for a basic tune up/bike repair!

The City of Pasadena is doing a series of festivities organized by C.I.C.L.E, these are free and open to the public. The highlights include:

  • A Taste of Pasadena Restaurant Ride
  • Ladies Night
  • Bike To Work Pit Stop
  • Bike Home From Work Shift Party
  • Bike-In Movie Night
  • Kids Costume Bike Parade with the Mayor
See the full schedule at C.I.C.L.E's website: http://www.cicle.org/attend-an-event/bike-week-pasaden