Monday, April 29, 2013

Nearly 20% of Caltech Faculty and Students Bike to Work, according to the 2012 Caltech Sustainability Report

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Among students, 51% walk to work and 19% bike to work, 3% carpool and 15% drive alone

Among faculty, 30% walk to work and 18% bike to work, 7% carpool and 34% drive alone

In contrast, 61% of staff drive alone, 16% carpool, 6% walk, and 4% bike.

We'd just like to mention that all members of the Caltech and JPL community, including faculty, staff, and students are welcome at the Caltech Bike Lab. Some of the volunteers at the Bike Lab office hours are staff as well as graduate students.

See the full report here.

p.s. On average, the 15% of Caltech students who drive alone to work live only 2 miles from work. Have you considered bicycling?