Monday, October 29, 2012

THIS SATURDAY: Learn Defensive Cycling with CICLE and Caltech BikeLab

 Learn how to:
  • Take back the road
  • Be alert and safe
  • Know your rights as a cyclist
  • Make the best use of your bike!
When: THIS SATURDAY Nov 3rd 11 am – 12:30pm

Where: Caltech Y: 505 S. Wilson

What to Bring: Your bicycle, in good running order and a helmet.

Price: FREE!
This class is generously subsidized by the Caltech’s BikeLab

RSVP to: Space is limited, but the public is welcome!

In the class, you’ll learn basic principles of bicycle and traffic safety. For the second part of the workshop, you’ll need your bike, because we’ll be hitting the road for an easy ride that will put what you learned into practice.

To attend this class you must be able to:
Start your bike with confidence and ease.
Balance and steer your bike
Bring your bike to a smooth and controlled stop.
Use your gears effectively
Remove one hand from your handlebar to signal without veering.
Look over your shoulder without veering.