Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sign Our Petition for the City of Pasadena to Improve East-West Bike Routes!

Pasadena, CA: Improve East-West Bike Routes on Cordova Ave, Green, Union, Del Mar Ave

Cordova Road Diet on intersection with Mentor Ave
We'd like to have these bike lanes extended west of Lake Ave!
(picture from Brigham Yen)

Pasadena needs to improve its east-west bike routes! Cordova Ave has been considered for a road diet for some time and has had bike lanes installed on it east of Lake Ave. These have improved the safety of cyclists in that area. However, Cordova Ave west of Lake Ave is still intimidating to cyclists. Overall, Pasadena lacks good east-west routes for cyclists.

We petition the City of Pasadena to extend bike lanes on Cordova Ave west of Lake Ave, and to consider installing bike lanes on very wide one-way streets Green St and Union St. In addition, also consider placing bike sharrows on Del Mar Ave to improve the use of this route for cyclists. These improvements will create an east-west bike corridor and help make streets safer for everyone - cyclists, pedestrians, and cars alike.

Please help us by signing this petition! We aim to gather as many signatures as possible to present at the Pasadena General Plan Community Forum Meetings coming up on June 26.