Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Caltech BikeLab Needs You!

Caltech BikeLab has for the past few years been led by the amazing Paul Anzel but the task of administration and organization has fast become too much work for one person. Furthermore, we here at BikeLab would like to grow and include more people from the community. We envision that in addition to teaching people how to fix their bikes and providing a community space to do so, the Bikelab can help make cycling and other alternative modes of transportation a more viable choice for everyone in the Caltech/JPL community through education, outreach, classes and rides.

We are holding a meeting of people interested in getting more involved at BikeLab at T Boyles close to the Caltech campus this Thursday May 17 at 7 PM. If you can't make it, please at least let us know you are interested in contributing at bikeshop AT caltech DOT edu.

We've already started brainstorming many ideas for how to make the Bikelab even more awesome and to collaborate with others (Caltech Transportation Office, CICLE) to help bring people and bikes together. For example, we want to make this website better and more informative, and we'll be talking about events that we want to organize in the next few months, including a bike safety class held by CICLE in June.

Please join us for a beer and to share your ideas and get involved!

WHEN: THU MAY 17 7 PM (this Thu!)