Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CA Senate votes on 3 feet passing bill for cyclists tomorrow!

Twenty-one other states already have laws that specify a minimum passing distance for drivers passing bicyclists. Tell your Senator why California should be the next state to enact this common-sense reform.

The vote is tomorrow, so use this online form to indicate that you would like your senator to vote YES on the bill.

Here's more info on the context of the bill.  Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the previous 3 foot bill which was passed by Senate, but it is back with the support of CA Bike Coalition and the author of the bill is Long Beach Senator Lowenthal.

UPDATE 5-25-12
Senate votes 27-6 to approve SB 1464!!!
The 27 votes cast in favor of the bill came from such longtime allies for bicycling as Senators Mark Leno of San Francisco, Michael Rubio of Bakersfield, Mark DeSaulnier of Walnut Creek, Fran Pavley of the Westside of Los Angeles, and, of course, Alan Lowenthal of Long Beach.
Six Republican Senators were among those who voted for the bill, including Senators Tom Berryhill of Fresno, Sam Blakeslee of the Central Coast, Anthony Cannella of the northern San Joaquin Valley, Bill Emmerson of Riverside County, Ted Gaines of the northern Sierras and Sacramento’s eastern suburbs, and Doug La Malfa, whose North State district stretches from Del Norte County to Nevada County.
Some 2,200 Californians contacted their Senators in the past week to urge a yes vote for SB 1464, a huge response for most legislation and nearly unprecedented for bike-related legislation. We’re grateful to our allies at TransForm for sharing its online advocacy resources that helped make this response possible. And we’re especially grateful to all the Californians who contacted their Senators about the bill.
The bill goes next into the Assembly, where we expect it to be heard in the Assembly Transportation Committee later next month.
-- from California Bicycle Coalition (source)