Saturday, April 7, 2012

CicLAvia ride IV: The CicLAvi-st and Lorax ride

Taxes? Who wants to bother with taxes? Go out bike riding instead.

1. CICLE is hosting their third Lorax Ride on Saturday, the 14th starting at 11 AM. This will be a ride in honor of Earth Day, and so will explore various eco-related points of interest along the way. This should be a nice, relaxed ride around town. For more information, go here

Also note that unless someone else plans it, BikeLab will not be making an official ride to join the group. Just meet up at Memorial Park.

2. BikeLab is leading a ride down to CicLAvia IV (revenge of the return of the...) on Sunday, April 15th. Meet at the shop at 9:30 AM, we roll at 10. The ride is about 12 miles to downtown (mostly downhill) which we'll take at a fairly slow pace (so if you're pretty new to biking, you're good to come with us)--but if someone wants to lead a hustle ride, please contact me. We'll also need volunteers to help with leading the main ride to make sure no-one gets dropped.

For those unfamiliar with CicLAvia, a short description: LA will be closing down a 10.5 mile route for bikes, pedestrians, skateboarders, and whatever-else-have-you, and you can go ride around to your heart's content. Last October we had such things as dodge-ball in the streets, a game of human-chess, and a gamelan ensemble as well.

I can vouch for this being a fun event, see pictures here. Note that this is a BIG event--all the previous CicLAvias have had over 100,000 people.

If you're coming please bring a spare tube for your bike so we can quickly fix it if you get a flat. I also recommend wearing sunscreen as you'll be out for a while at the festival. There will be water stations at the event but I'd recommend bringing your own for convenience. There is no official ride back--just head back (by bike or metro, the Little Tokyo station is right on the route) when you see fit.

Costumes or other weirdness highly recommended.