Monday, June 13, 2011

Ride to Chantry Flats

I plan on leading a ride up to Chantry Flats every Thursday leaving at 9 am from the Caltech Bikelab. In this post, I'll collect some comments on this ride in the form of Q&A.

Q: Why should I come?
A: Because Chantry Flats roads is awesome and it is fun to exercise with other people. So you will sweat a lot going up...

Q: Where is the Caltech Bikelab?
A: Look here. So it's on California Blvd.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Since the ride involves a downhill part where you go down about 2000 feet in 5 miles, I urge you to wear a helmet and have working brakes.
Furthermore, I recommend bringing some water, some food, and if you get chilly easily you might consider taking a jacket for the downhill part.
Also before going down, you will go up, so I recommend bikes that have small gears. Of course, it is always a good idea to carry a spare tube, patches, and a pump.

Speaking of bikes: We will be riding on roads, so road bikes are the weapon of choice, but other types of bikes are welcome.

Q: Can I fill up my tires or lube my chain before this ride?
A: Yes, I (Helge) will be holding office hours starting at 8:30 am. Small repairs should be possible too.

Q: What is the route?
A: California -- Sierra Madre -- Santa Anita.

Q: How hard is this ride?
A: In my opinion, this is an easy and nice ride leaving from Pasadena going into the mountains. The ride is roughly 20 miles and involves 2000 feet of climbing.
If you want to test if you can do the climbing or train for it without riding through Sierra Madre you can go up Lake Avenue in Pasadena (to the end). This is a comparable amount of elevation, but not nearly as nice a street.

Q: Should I follow traffic laws?
A: YES!!!!

Q: Going up Chantry Flats bores me. Anything else, I can do?
A: The two routes of choice into the mountains are Glendora Mountain Road and Angeles Crest.