Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm not tan, that's just grease: Summer Wrenching

There are a couple of topics for this blog's inaugural post:

1. Open hours and the calendar.
2. More Park tools for the shop
3. Shop Access, Keys

1. I will not be doing regular open hours over the summer. I will, however, be in the shop often, and if you want to come in but don't have a key, just email me. If any of you want to have open hours, please do. Use the calendar on this site to post your hours, not any calendar previously sent out. If you already emailed me to get access to the old calendar, do not email again, you'll be added to this one. If you want access and haven't already emailed me or Jeff, email me.

2. I have a small list of tools the shop needs, if you have further suggestions, please suggest them in the comments to this post. Current list:

  • Pedal Wrench (PW-3)
  • Professional Cable and Housing Cutter (CN-10) [The cutter currently in the shop is mine]
  • Crank/ BB Wrench (HCW-5) [The single tooth side removes fixed cog lockrings]
  • Adjustable Wrench (PAW-12)
  • Magnetic Parts Bowl (MB-1) [Or if someone could donate a bowl and an old magnet]
  • Digital Caliper (DC-1)
See the park tool website for possible additions.

3. If anyone wants keys, please email me. You will either have to volunteer/donate to the shop, or pay $10.